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DNA in a Necklace

In Biology the S2s were making DNA necklaces. First they chewed their cheeks for a set amount of time. Then they put 3ml of water in their mouth and swirled it around and [...]

10th February 2015


Mayonnaise and Potato Salad

Everyone sounded so happy when Mrs. Watt said they were making mayonnaise and potato salad. She told them to cut the potatoes into quarters which some people struggled with. [...]

10th February 2015

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Secret Agents

S2s are working on breaking and making codes and ciphers. They found out what it takes to keep a secret whilst they were cracking the codes to the mystery of math and [...]

10th February 2015


Pinhole Camera

The S2s were creating their own pinhole cameras which cannot take pictures but can project images.  The pupils used a metal tube and some card to make the camera. They were [...]

10th February 2015


Plastics from Milk and Vinegar

Within Mr Hopcroft’s chemistry room, the pupils were making magnets from milk and vinegar. The pupils were given directions on how to make the front of the magnet. When [...]

10th February 2015



In maths the S2s were learning how a virus spreads from person to person. The teacher demonstrated with a pack of cards, the red ones showing the people who could be [...]

10th February 2015


Blasting off the cardboard drag races!

T o make rockets the S2’s used a C6-0 rocket motor, (filled with gun powder) straws, card board, paper bottle caps as wheels, to allow them to successfully make their [...]

10th February 2015


Robot Rescue

The task was to build a robot and program them to move when the pupils used the controller. The S2’s gave their robots names such as Jeff, Tanka and Steve. After they had [...]

10th February 2015


Tunnel Vision

S2 Tunnel vision Working in groups, the S2’s were creating a tunnel with a mountain of sand for a hot wheels car to go through. They were using basic materials to support [...]

10th February 2015



Tuesday 10th February is Queen Anne’s first STEM day. It will involve all of S2 being involved in STEM related activities throughout the day. Please have a check out [...]

4th February 2015