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S1 Challenge Day 2015


Evoke’s S1 Challenge Day Experience

Chloe My challenge day experience was amazing- I didn’t do just one challenge, I got to see almost all of them and using all the equipment was a great experience. Seeing [...]

1st May 2015


Boot Camp x2

After their fun morning at Carnegie, they had extra time so they came back to the school. They went into the dance studio to do some gymnastics. A pupil said, “The dance [...]

1st May 2015



In Upcycling the group had to use scrap material to create various items including jewellery and plastic names. They used old items like wood and plastic to produce their [...]

1st May 2015


Treasure Hunt

‘Treasure Hunt’ was taking place with Mr Igoe and Mr Turk in Pittencrieff Park. They saw many different historical places, such as the Glen Pavillion, Andrew Carnegie’s [...]

1st May 2015



We took a look into the fashion show to see how they all are doing and to see if they are excited to do their show. They showed us the tops, dresses and hats they have [...]

1st May 2015


Boot Camp

The energized students all made their way down to Carnegie Leisure Centre to do an intense but fun boot camp. Group 1 did the rock climbing wall. One pupil named Megan [...]

1st May 2015


Comic Book

‘Comic Book’ was taking place with Miss Parker in English. The pupils involved were creating a story line together about a supernatural family.   We interviewed [...]

1st May 2015


Mask and Lantern Design

‘Mask and Lantern Design’ was taking place with Miss Lyndsay in Modern Languages. All the pupils there were concentrating on their masks and are really enjoying making [...]

1st May 2015



We visited former spy turned teacher Mr McKendry as they completed “a mission to save the world.” The inspiration for the task came from the book Stormbreaker by Anthony [...]

1st May 2015


Rainbow Light circuit

In the physics department S1 pupils were challenged to make a rainbow out of circuit boards. They had to solder the boards together as part of the construction. Then they [...]

1st May 2015

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