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Cluster Rugby World Cup & Gymnastics Championships


Closing Ceremony and Prizegiving

On Wednesday the 3rd of June and Thursday the 4th June, the P7’s and S1’s took part in different activities within the school. The two main events were rugby and [...]

5th June 2015


A day at QAHS

Drama The drama group where using their imagination to the test by creating numbers and letters. They all were very eager to take part and learn. They were also began reading [...]

4th June 2015


Food meets Gymnastics

Home Economics In home economics they were making flapjacks with a special ingredient- Sultanas. In the picture shown they are all working together to make flapjacks and are [...]

4th June 2015


P7/S1 Challenge Day

P7 CHALLENGE DAY Here the P7 and S1 group are playing sports in wheelchairs to see what it is like to play sports disabled Here is a picture of the robots made by the P7 and [...]

4th June 2015


The gymnastics

The gymnastics competition was taking place in the games hall along form the dance studio. There was lots of people doing cartwheels and rollovers. We took a few photos but [...]

4th June 2015


What happened today…

Debating   St.Andrews University Debating society 2 people came. The activity that they were doing was a debating wall where they were given an opinion and one side was [...]

3rd June 2015


Snapshot of the day

Computing In computing the P7s and S1’s have been programming websites and have learned how to use code (html). They are looking at satellite views of buildings and made [...]

3rd June 2015



The university debaters are here from Edinburgh and St Andrews schools debating. The debate open to the floor was ‘banning violent video games’. The keen debaters were [...]

3rd June 2015


Wheelchair Rugby

The wheelchair rugby took place in the P.E department. All the pupils were having fun trying to play rugby in a wheelchair. Many of the pupils said that it was hard, and that [...]

3rd June 2015



  We interviewed the rugby challenge they learned about front guarding and back guarding which is scoring places, also they learned about running and throwing. They said [...]

3rd June 2015