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Whole School Challenge Days


History Board Games

In the history department the pupils were experimenting and making different kinds of old historical board games. They were putting a lot of ideas throughout the day into [...]

2nd October 2015


An insight into S3’s activities today

International Day S3 have chosen a series of activities to do all around the school involving subjects linked to science, art, drama, P.E, languages, social subjects, home [...]

2nd October 2015

English around the world

English around the World

The S3 challenge day is finally here! There are a variety of activities on offer throughout the day and we have chosen to write about the trip around the world. What this [...]

2nd October 2015

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Trading Trainers

Today was the third year challenge day. There was lots of activities to choose from. We met with pupils doing the RMPS activity. This was called “Trading Trainers.” Mr [...]

2nd October 2015

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