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There’s been a murder! Advanced Higher Chemistry Do CSI


It’s half-time here at our investigation day at Adam Smith College and our Advanced Higher Chemistry group is well on it’s way to discovering who the culprit of the murder is…

On arrival of the crime scene, we inspected the evidence: spatters of blood and a red chemical dye, fingerprints on beakers and hair on the lab coat of the victim. We then proceeded to decide on the various experiments we would carry out in our investigation, which included:

A chromatography experiment to determine the origin of a mysterious note left on the crime scene (we discovered that the victim wrote the note), a hair analysis experiment using a powerful microscope, and an experiment involving the blood which was left.

The afternoon involved various more experiments which the excellent Adam Smith College staff helped us to carry out successfully. To find out the origin of some DNA samples found at the crime scene, we did a complex procedure using professional scientific equipment, and I think everyone in the group will agree it was very interesting and a definite highlight.

Although our trip has come to an end, our CSI investigation continues as we collate the results for our experiments and write up a report with our findings… Who knows, perhaps one group will produce a winning report, worthy of the £100 prize!

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  1. GHenderson // 13th June 2012 at 15:07 // Reply

    Sounds great! Hope you are all enjoying it.

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