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Queen Anne Trebuchet Competition

The idea of a trebuchet competition has just been catapulted up to a whole new level!

West Fife High Schools  will all be set with the challenge of building a big, medieval style trebuchet. The trebuchet should also be collapsible so that it can be moved around – which will be a big challenge in itself.

FMC Technologies liked the idea and have volunteered to sponsor the challenge.

Although ‘trebuchet’ is a French word, many countries and eras used them. Trebuchets were  siege engines of the middle ages. There were two different types of trebuchet ‘counterweight  trebuchet’ and ‘counterpoise trebuchet’.  The trebuchet appeared in Christian and Muslim lands around the Mediteranean. It could fling projectiles weighing up to 350 pounds to break down enemy fortifications, castles, walls etc.

This is what Mr Hannah has to say about the project:

“What did you first think of the trebuchet idea?”

“I knew it would be a very challenging project, yeah, all kinds of questions had to be answered, such as health and safety, the physical size of the trebuchet as well as the trajectory, weights and masses”.

“How do you think it will work out?”

“It is one of my ambitions to see this project through to completion, and I am very excited about even the first test launch, but especially when it is used at the Bruce Festival.”

This extra- currricular activity will get participating pupils to “think outside the box” and to learn new skills, but they will also be able to exercise skills they already know and use.

Each school’s trebuchet will go ‘head to head’ with the others for the prize competition. The winning trebuchet , in whatever category, will hopefully be presented at the Bruce Festival in a coming year.

If you would like to volunteer in anyway or to find out more, then speak to Mr Hannah in CDT. Or if you would like to write about the challenge on Evoke, then speak to Mr Surgey.

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