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Trebuchet Shoot Out – Part 2

IMG_9714Next up was the trial runs for both trebuchets. Inverkeithing went first with an impressive distance, but far from the target. Then QAHS fired and the result was a similar distance. There was some minor damage to the QAHS trebuchet but nothing that wasn’t fixable. With final adjustments made both teams prepared for the real competition.

King Robert the Bruce introduced the teams, Inverkeithing first. The distance was similar to the trial run, there trebuchet was doing very well. Then Queen Anne. The throw went past the second target, a massive distance. But in the processĀ something went wrong and the arm and counter-weight crashed down to the grass. There were mixed yells, yells of victory, uncertainty, defeat and a little bit of confusion. The trebuchet is too badly damaged and can’t be fixed inĀ  time for it to continue competing. Inverkeithing continued to shoot the rest of the water melons. None quite reached our record, but a couple came quite close. We achieved the farthest distance but Invekeithing would definitely win the prize for durability.







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