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Gym Activities at Queen Anne!

The gym activities are not a club however it is more acessing and using the schools facilites and offers fitness workouts for both pupils and staff. There are two parts of the gym; there is the weight room and there is the cycling and rowing room. The weight room is only for S5 and over but the cycling and rowing room is for all ages – S1 to teachers. The fitness suite overlooks the large games hall on the floor beneath the gym. Here you can sometimes see pupils playing games of basketball.

If you would like to attend this suite you may go along but you will need to bring P.E. kit, and be there no later than 1:10 so you wil have a full 20 minutes of exercise. There are water coolers available and televisions that are on most of the time; playing the top 40 music hits. It is a fun way to enjoy lunch time and it is a good way to keep fit whilst having fun.SONY DSC


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