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Mr McKendry is Ironman!

Mr McKendry with Medal   On the 8th of September, Mr McKendry completed the Iornman Triathlon to raise money for the school’s charity this year – Teenage Cancer Trust. He raised an amazing £500 for the charity he got the sponsors from the staff in the school and his facebook friends.

In his triathlon he firstly swam in the atlantic ocean for two and a half miles. He said,

“The atlantic ocean was quite warm and people kept swiming into him and swimming over him!”

Altogether, the swim took one and a half hours.

The second activity that Mr McKendry completed was the cycle. He cycled for 112 miles and this took 7 hours and 17 minutes. Throughout the cycle his shoes were overflowing with water. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, He had too cycle mostly on mountain terrain.

Mr McKendry Bike The final part of the Triathlon was the marathon. This was the hardest part of the Triathlon. Throughout the run, many runners fell over and some fainted. At the eighteen mile mark Mr McKendry was feeling dizzy and fatigue was now setting in, he nearly had to give up the race! But when he started to think about the sponsors and how he did not want to give up on all the pupils, he did not give up. He crossed the line at an amazing time of 13 hours and 47 minutes.

Mr McKendry Finish       

                                                            Anything is possible.

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  1. You’ve captured this peretcfly. Thanks for taking the time!

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