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Whole School Challenge Day

The Whole School Challenge Day is taking place on Tuesday the 24th of September 2013 it is a charity and fundraising event. Mr Erskine hopes everyone will take part!

All the funds that are raised are going to the teenage cancer trust which is the chosen charity for this year. This charity helps teenagers and young adults with cancer.images

The challenge this year is “climb every mountain”, climb every mountain is a stepping challenge we are going to do as meany steps as we can in 5 miniutes. The aim is for each pupil to climb the equivalent of 200 feet – making a combined distance of 300,000. This is the equivalent of climbing Mt Everest 10 times!

Thats all the information so lets hear an opinion of someone who is planning to do the step up challange.

George – “I am really looking forward to the whole school challenge day. I think it will be a great opportunity to really feel you are doing something good for others which, when we come to think about it, is what everyone aims to do”.

The whole school challenge day is going to be a big event and when it happens I hope everybody taking part had a great time!



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