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To The Finish Line

IMG_00~2IMG_00~3Our relay team is back. After a long day of running, the participants in the Cluster Commonwealth baton relay have returned back to Queen Anne. As they came through the double doors, the runners were panting and out of breath, which shows they were working very hard!

We got the chance to interview Carrie, Jodie, Anya, Oliver P  and Oliver H from Pittencrieff Primary school. They told us they had a great time participating in the baton relay.  They said they had to run just over a mile and for the distance they ran they looked fairly alive ! They said they were glad that they get to keep their own torch that they made for their school.








All the participants who were running should be very proud of themselves they were all fantastic and showed amazing  leadership.  They came back to clapping hands and smiling faces and deserve all the praise they are getting!

Here is the whole route for the day.

Queen's Baton Relay Route








Reporters Sarah Haynes, George Johnson,Emma Wright-Boulton     Photographer-Sarah Haynes

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