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World Peace Day


Peace Day

Today we have had a dynamic arrange of presentations for World Peace Day from our very own pupils. This included solo and group musical performances including a beautiful performance from our school choir. Dances and dramas that expressed different types of abuse and that “everybody deserves peace”. The Modern Studies pupils informed us about Médecins Sans Frontières and the work their doctors and volunteers do to help people and encourage them to speak up, “words can’t save lives, but silence can kill”. The RMPS pupils also got involved, playing out a story that exemplified “war happens when people stop seeing the enemy as they see themselves.” Lastly, we had pupils showing off their linguistic skills in a UN debate guided by our head boy and head girl. Overall today has been a great success to enlighten our pupils of the matters in the world and remind us that World Peace is something everyone should aim for. “To reach peace, teach peace”.

Siobhan O’Grady

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