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There’s a time for Peace


Queen Anne high school held its second peace one day service this year. It was in some aspects a masterpiece. Each year group was shown the main parts of the service throughout the day and in the evening an additional full length service was commemorated in its wake. To start of, a touching video was shown with the message “Silence can kill”, it mentioned the horrific outbreak of the disease in Africa, Ebola and how it affects many lives by bringing death and ill health to loved ones.

What next was mentioned was the peace keeping force, the 110,000 people throughout the world brave everyday life to fight for peace. During this talk people in the audience faces were sad and in awe and regret. These people fight to empower war torn countries, they fight because they believe everyone deserves peace.

The ensemble then went on to tell us that when we think of violence we always associate it with the middle-east and other countries on war around the world, but in fact violence happens in everyday life around you. It happens in school and it happens at home. The peace service was trying to put across that we need to make peace with one another as well as with other people around the world.

Melissa Benson S5

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  1. hi that day was so god

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