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Careers Fair


On Wednesday 4th February, many people attended the Careers Convention which was held at Queen Anne High School. The Evoke team were present from 4pm till 5:30pm to gather information about how people felt about the night’s events and what they offered to the students of Queen Anne. We interviewed various people and you will see their reactions to the proceedings below.

Project Trust

Project Trust gives you the opportunity to leave the country and travel to third world countries and teach the students of a particular area. The woman who was representing the project, who was a part of Project Trust, has said she liked the idea of having a night to speak to colleagues, universities or even companies about the future of pupils.

IMG_8352Air Force

The men who were representing the Air Force told us about the benefits and downsides of being in the Air Force. In the Air Force, it comes with a very good pay and the chance to travel the world but at the cost of not seeing your family and friends for a long period of time.


Much like the Air Force, the Army told us about the good sides and the bad sides. They were incredibly similar, sharing the facts of good pay but at the price of not seeing your family. But many people believe it is an honour to die for their country.

GTG Training

The lady who was running the GTG training stand told us that GTG training offers various skills such as business and mechanical skills. They also give out Apprenticeships for younger students who can’t find a job and are looking for a place of work.

Royal Society of Chemistry

This gives students who have a love for chemistry outside of school to do a sort of career following the scientific path.



Oceaneering is a career path to do with oil and such things. You would be making large yellow pipes willed with smaller tubes to transfer the oil under water up to power plants and so forth. The company believes that the night was a great chance to see who is interested in their field of work.

Girl Guiding


uide, you learn many skills such as First Aid. You usually start at the age of five in Rainbows and make your way through Brownies, Guides, Senior Section and then Adults. The oldest you can be is twenty five.Girl Guiding offers team work and help into jobs. Within the years you spend being a Girl G




Scouts give boys and girls w

ith a lot of free time a chance to travel and have fun, including camping, ski trips and even just fun indoors. You also e

arn badges for your achievements. The stand coordinator thought that the night was an amazing opportunity to find something you’re really interested in and make it your career path.

While some people may believe it should just be for senior students, we, as first years, disagree as we found out useful information for ourselves.

By Hannah Hunter and Jackson Longstaff

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