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Robot Rescue

The task was to build a robot and program them to move when the pupils used the controller. The S2’s gave their robots names such as Jeff, Tanka and Steve. After they had finished learning about how to control their robots, they put them on the carpet to play a game of robot football in a football pitch lined out with tape. They had fun playing the game with their robots, though some wouldn’t work as well on the carpet!


When it was half time, the pupils went back to their desks to improve their robots or to fix any damage that had been done. To do this they had roughly five minutes and were also able to re-test them. When half time was signalled the score was 2-0. The pupils were excited to play the game with the robots they had made.


The teacher seemed happy to be doing robot rescue, and enjoyed teaching the pupils how to make something out of only cardboard, tape, wheels and a motor. She is made the learning  interesting and fun.

Written by Stephanie and Anna



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