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Blasting off the cardboard drag races!

IMG_8529T o make rockets the S2’s used a C6-0 rocket motor, (filled with gun powder) straws, card board, paper bottle caps as wheels, to allow them to successfully make their vehicles.


When created, wire is used to secure the vehicles in place before they blasted off. The rocket motor will enable the contraptions to go at a speed of 180km/h.

As long as they are built with stability to allow them to fly straight.


The pupils were able to select their own designs of the vehicles as they come in a variety of shapes, from cars, planes and submarines!


In the last 5 minutes, the S2s are instructed to get their masterpieces finished.  Once completed everyone moved into the staff garden to set off their rockets.


The rockets are set off attached to a strong wire, to provide support and keep the vehicles in a straight line.

Some of the creations were more successful than others. The excitement within the air grew with the countdown to launch and in particularly when they saw the small sparks. The S2’s immensely enjoyed making them, and even more so watching them soar along their paths.



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