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Plastics from Milk and Vinegar

Within Mr Hopcroft’s chemistry room, the pupils were making magnets from milk and vinegar. The pupils were given directions on how to make the front of the magnet. When some people first tried the experiment, it failed until Mr Hopcroft had put more vinegar into the heated milk as they had extra milk.

The S2s had to heat the milk to roughly 40°C to 50° along with adding approximately twenty centimetres of vinegar into the heated milk. They would need to stir the mixture until it became a solid. The pairs needed to drain the remaining liquid for the experiment to work. If they decided to put it into a mould, they would’ve needed to leave so it would become dried out.

Many people had said they enjoyed the experiment and the day so far. Other pupils made comments on how it felt and the smell of it. The smell of it lasted for awhile bu

t it still looked like an extremely fun thing to do



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