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Mayonnaise and Potato Salad

IMG_8533Everyone sounded so happy when Mrs. Watt said they were making mayonnaise and potato salad. She told them to cut the potatoes into quarters which some people struggled with. When they were cutting the potatoes the atmosphere was loud and lively as they just wanted to get to the next step already. They were certainly enjoying themselves.

The teacher showed a video on how to make potato salad and mayonnaise. After the teacher had finished, she explained how to drain the water from the pot and separate egg whites.

Then we talked to some pupils about their task. Pupils commented that they were enjoying themselves and that it was a hard task to do. They had never made it before and had no idea how to make mayonnaise until now. It was very educational and they were happy that they were allowed to make their finished piece home with them for their families to try.


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