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Secret Agents

S2s are working on breaking and making codes and ciphers.

They found out what it takes to keep a secret whilst they were cracking the codes to the mystery of math and science. They were kept busy by solving the codes.

With the help of friends and peers they figured out how to crack codes and ciphers.

The pupils were enthusiastic and excited as they worked together to reach their goal of breaking codes and ciphers.

What the pupils found the hardest was the Enigma (which means mystery). The enigma was a device used throughout World War II to send and receive crypted messages. As you can see it looks like a rusty typewriter but it’s not for this. It was used to message from A to B because it was not safe to just ask someone to take it because they may be a double agent or they may lose it. The way that it works is by using three randomizing rotors to select random letters to replace what the actual message said. It will then print your complete gibberish and you can send it to whoever you want. Once whoever you were sending it to received it they will have to decrypt it again, to do so they must type the gibberish into the enigma and it will translate it back to what it originally said.

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