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DNA in a Necklace

IMG_8564In Biology the S2s were making DNA necklaces. First they chewed their cheeks for a set amount of time. Then they put 3ml of water in their mouth and swirled it around and then spit into a test tube. They added lysis butter to the mix then they placed a cap on the top of the test tube and swirled it about. Then added 5 drops of protenaise to the tube and mixed the solution. They put the test tubes on a rack in a water bath and incubated at 50°c for 10 minutes, after that they knocked the small crystal out of the test tube and thread string though it to make a necklace.

Unfortunately we did not get to stay until the end but we were informed on how it ended. The pupils were having a lot of fun and as they laughed a lot as they got thoroughly involved and asked to do it again some time! When we interviewed pupils about the activity a girl said “it was so weird but she wouldn’t change it if she could because it was something to remember.”


By Jackson & Meghan

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