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Mask and Lantern Design

‘Mask and Lantern Design’ was taking place with Miss Lyndsay in Modern Languages. All the pupils there were concentrating on their masks and are really enjoying making them.


Stephanie said, “I like painting the mask best.”


Erin said, “My favourite part was making the mask.”


Callum said, “I liked designing the mask.”


Fiona said, “I wouldn’t change anything, and my favourite part is the painting.”


Danielle said, “My favourite parts were making the mask and painting.”


We also interviewed Miss Lyndsay. She said, “what I like about doing this is I get to meet more pupils and it’s nice to be taking time out to do arts and crafts. It’s also to teach pupils more culture-based things.”


We are excited to see what the lanterns and masks turn out like.

Chloe Liddell & Anna Ritchie

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