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Evoke’s S1 Challenge Day Experience


My challenge day experience was amazing- I didn’t do just one challenge, I got to see almost all of them and using all the equipment was a great experience. Seeing everyone else having fun and enjoying themselves was just awesome.


My challenge day was brilliant! We went around all of the activities so we had a taste of everything that was going on. I really enjoyed using all of the equipment, like cameras, voice recorders and the computers. I also think that we had a good group to work with as we all got along and worked together as a team which made the day more special.


I really enjoyed my challenge day! We went around almost all of the activities so I got to see what everyone was doing. I liked interviewing everyone and using the cameras. My favourite part was going to the CSI and Human Autopsy to take photos and to see what they were doing.


My challenge day was so much fun! I really liked going round all the other classes and seeing what they were doing. My favourite part was when I interviewed Mr McKendry and he said he used to be a spy. I thought the boot camp looked really fun.


I really liked my challenge day! I liked reporting on the CSI challenge and that was my favourite. I thought that the Mask and Lantern Design looked fun. My favourite thing to do was taking a couple of the videos and also to see my article posted on the website.


My favourite part was the gadget challenge because it was funny seeing Mr McKendry getting a bit of egg all over him and I loved seeing my article on the website. I just loved the whole thing and getting to take pictures of things. I loved it all.


My favourite part about Press Corps was filming the robots. It was great fun watching them go through the steps of building them. The hydrogen cars were also really cool to watch. The CSI mystery was really cool to watch and it was really interesting.

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