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Wheelchair Rugby

The wheelchair rugby took place in the P.E department. All the pupils were having fun trying to play rugby in a wheelchair. Many of the pupils said that it was hard, and that it was a good experience to see what it would be like to play a sport with a disability.


The game looked busy, but we managed to catch up with some substitutes sitting at the side. We asked one boy, who had a wheelchair of his own why the other wheelchair’s wheels were out to the side. He said this was because they were designed to be used to play sport, such as rugby and basketball.


Many pupils said that their arms were soar from moving the wheelchair back and forth, but it was worth it to play in the game. We asked one pupil who said that their favourite part of the wheelchair rugby was that he could experience what playing a sport in a wheelchair would be like.


All of the pupils were enjoying their game and it looked really fun!



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