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The university debaters are here from Edinburgh and St Andrews schools debating.

The debate open to the floor was ‘banning violent video games’. The keen debaters were able to put there point forward for or against.


It was a tough debate with excellent points made such as how banning video games would destroy thousands of jobs for the opposition, the proposition had that if you were inside all day playing these video games how would you get out and exercise.DSCN0129

It’s not just debates that were going on the S1 and P7 debaters’ were learning debating skills and techniques like rebutting and how to make your point across.


It was a cut throat and there were many undecided debate but in the end we wanted to keep the violent video games.


One debater said ‘I like doing debating it’s fun and its building my confidence by being able to talk to a group’


Another said that ‘I like having my voice heard and being able to express my views.’


Photography- Luke Mitchell

Reporter- George Johnson

Final copy-Sarah Haynes

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