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The gymnastics

The gymnastics competition was taking place in the games hall along form the dance studio. There was lots of people doing cartwheels and rollovers. We took a few photos but they were hard to take as they were moving very quickly. They were warming up for a competition later on in the day. Later on at the closing ceremony the winner will win a medal/trophy. We interviewed a teacher who was watching the gymnastics and she said

“It’s an exciting day, I am intrigued to see who is going to win and I am pleased to see all the hard work.” We interviewed a pupil who was taking part and they said

“I hope I win, I have been practicing very hard. My teacher is watching and it’s a lot of pressure. My friends are also taking part and if I don’t win, I hope one of them wins instead and

If I don’t if I am not first, second is good!”


By Stephanie, Erin and Joshua

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